Dear Parents, Teachers, and my beloved Students,

Prayerful and Golden Jubilee wishes from Holy Angels’!

I’m grateful to God whose loving presence and constant inspiration that enlighten me to carry out my education ministry with all zeal and fervour to all my students who are entrusted to my care.  Being with you for the past one year, you were a source of encouragement and motivation to me in many ways.

So at the outset, I thank God, who helped us to secure best results, during the last academic year.  At the same time, I would like to extend my heart felt congratulations to all of you, who toiled hard to reach district first, based on your over all performance in the higher secondary examinations.

Thomas Edison says, “The most certain way to succeed is to just try one more time” Alexander the Great says, “There is a slight difference between success and failure.  If you perform all your duties on your own, it leads to success…. but if you perform your duty just for the sake of doing, it becomes failure.

This is very much true in the case of everyone, who are involved in one or the other field.  As students, you need to take up all your assignments seriously and need to complete them without further delay or hesitation.

If you analise the word “Impossible”, it says I’m possible….. all that you need to do is to reaffirm yourself that you are the master pieces that God has ever created and you are destined with a definite goal in life……… so the target is to attain that goal with conviction and courage!

Remember, beautiful things happen in your life when you distance yourself from all the negative things……. you are here to cement a strong foundation for your life ahead.  And the role of your mentors is not to teach you how to become rich, popular, highly educated or being perfect….. they teach you how to attain a meaningful life by setting an exemplary life by being honest, strong, real, humble and able to reach out and touch the lives of others while holding gratitude in their hearts.

Let me share with you a few reflections on the king of Jungle  The lion.  In the jungle which animal is the biggest…… Elephant, the tallest…… Giraffe, the wisest ….. Tortoise, the fastest…. Cheetah.  Among all the wonderful qualities mentioned above, where is the lion in the picture?  Yet you say that the Lion is the king of the jungle even without any of these qualities.  But a few remarkable things about the Lion is, he is courageous, bold, ready to face any mountain, any challenges, any barrier that crosses his path, no matter how big they are!!!

The Lion walks with confidence, dares anything and it’s never afraid.  Believes he is unstoppable.  He is a risk taker and believes any animal is food for him.  He believes any opportunity is worth giving a trial and never allows it slip from his hands.  The Lion has a charisma.

What is it that we get to learn from here……?  You don’t need to be the fastest, wisest, smartest, most brilliant.  You don’t need to be generally accepted to become your dreams and be great in life.  All you need is courage, boldness, the will to try and the faith to believe IT IS POSSIBLE.  And finally believe in yourself that you CAN DO IT.

Yes, you are all born to stand out and shine out.  Let all the potentials within you, be utilized to become a “NEW” you.  Give shape and colour to your dreams within.  Work hard to make those dreams colourful.

May this year be a successful year for all.

God Bless You!!!!

Message by principal for the inauguration of Interact Club(19-10-2016)