My dear parents, teachers and my dearly beloved students,

Another academic year has already started and you are enjoying the freshness of it. New books, new uniforms, new bag, new teachers, new classrooms, some new friends. Yes totally all are renewed, revitalized and reenergized as you see another year. My dear students, I wish you all God’s blessings on each one of you.The-clock


We have heard an age old adage “time and tide waits for none”. And it is said “The bad news is: time flies. The good news is: you are the pilot”. Yes time management is life management. Mastering your life is mastering your time.


Once upon a time a princess was born physically deformed. She was known as the hunchback princess. Her physical posture troubled her, because she knew a princess should stand tall and straight. One day she commissioned a sculptor to make a statue of hers, not as she was but as she wanted to be. When the statue was completed, the princess had it placed in her private garden. Everyday thereafter, she would stand before her statue and try to pull back her shoulder and stand tall. After some time, her physique matched the statue!


It is obvious, is it not, that the principle involved in this story is that what we admire, adore, greatly respect and worship, we eventually become. Connecting this to our daily life in all our activities, specially, you children, in your all round development, you need to have your aim in life clear. Dream the impossible….. Definitely you will touch the target when you have the willingness and the ability to discipline yourself.The-clock


My dear parents, for a positive personality of your child you have to ensure that the child is brought up in an environment of love and affection and not fear. As the mother loves, feeds, consoles, teaches and plays with her child, the father has a vital role in nurturing and caring for their child and protecting their rights. Together, the mother and father can ensure that the child receives a quality education and good nutrition and health care. I wish all our parents wisdom and knowledge in their endeavor.


My dear teachers, you are the bridge between the students and parents. You are the catalyst to make our students great.


Be a wonderful role model because you will be the window through which many children will see their future” – Thomas Mc Kinnon


I pray, May the Almighty God protect us and guide us all throughout this academic year and the days ahead.